Neil's Rexx Page

Unmaintained Rexx FAQ for Rexx on OS/390 Mainframes, TSO, ISPF, etc.
This FAQ covers questions from the TSO-REXX list.

Rexx Style Guide More from the TSO-REXX list.

Rexx Source Samples Description
CSILCAT.REXX A function based upon IBMs samples to retrieve catalog data using the Catalog Search Interface (CSI) module IGGCSI00. You specify the fields (VOLSER LRECL MGMTCLAS, etc) you want to retreive. See the bottom of the code for details.


How to compile multiple DTL sources without using the ISPDTLC ISPF panel.
FILE.REXX Yet another exec to outrap the output of a TSO command output into a dynamically allocated file.
MAXMIN.REXX For when MAX() and MIN() are not quite good enough.
QUICKSRT.REXX An example Quicksort routine for you to read AND IMPROVE UPON!
REDISP.REXX For the retentive, a simple ISPF macro to move DISP=SHR before the DSN= in JCL. Then the dataset names will be all alligned. Lovely.
TBSHOW.REXX Investigate the structure and contents of an ISPF table. The table name is hardcoded in the exec, cos I only use it occasionally.


Unfinished example dialog showing the basics for handling ISPF tables using TBDISP
CPUTEST.REXX Example of stems vs. string functions using simple CPU usage monitoring code SYSVAR('SYSCPU')
RXGDGV.REXX Returns information on Generation Data Groups. Its coding is terse and possibly a little difficult to read as it is intended for use as an external function.
TRANSTR.REXX Translate strings withing a sting into other strings. An equivalent of TRANSLATE() for string translation.
DSBROWSE.REXX A sample Rexx CGI exec to browse datasets via a web browser. Its really old, probably superceeded by features in web servers, and may not work anymore.


Very simple demo of a dynamic area. Use view source for the DTL, modern browsers like to interpret any SGML as HTML