This is the Web site of Neil Hancock.

I am currently a Web Application developer in Crawley, prior to that I was a mainframe application developer mostly using Rexx and ISPF.

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All of my professional work is for intranets, and I do not have copyright to rehost it. So here are a few snippets by way of a portfolio:

A simple orbital period calculator.

A pie menu in JavaScript, click to open, move mouse to select, click to activate selection.

A pie menu in JavaScript. In this version: click, hold mouse down, drag to select, release to activate selection. (under development)

A frames based reaction game I created years ago to test inter-frame communication.

Curriculum Vitae

Download my full CV in pdf format.

Also avilable in rich text, plain text, Microsoft Word and OpenOffice formats.


I was a Mainframe System Programmer, then an application developer using Rexx and ISPF.

Rexx is a scripting language used heavily on OS/390 Mainframes under TSO, ISPF, and sometimes batch work. It also exits in various forms on Unix, and PC.

Based on questions seen in the TSO/Rexx mailing list, I created a FAQ for Rexx on OS/390 Mainframes, and a Style Guide for Rexx. I have hosted them on my website ever since.

There are also some Rexx Examples I collected many years ago.

The FAQ attempts to cover questions specific to Rexx on z/OS, other FAQs for other implementations of Rexx exist.

Photo Sets

Insect Macro shots

Spirimawgus Morris at Wakehurst Place